What are Alien Abductions?

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  2. February 5, 2013 2:44 am

What are Alien Abductions?

The Stages of an Alien Abduction

Alien abductions are not merely the subject of science fiction. Respected scientists have studied the real world correlatives of books and films, and concluded that it may not be wise to summarily dismiss the experiences of abductees.

The Center for UFO Studies defines an alien abduction as a situation in which a person is taken away from Earth by one or more beings who do not appear to be from Earth. To be considered abduction, the person must not wish to be taken on the journey. He should resist the trip in some way, even if only in his mind.

During abduction, aliens take a human to a place that the abducted experiences as enclosed, such as a room on a spaceship or a laboratory. The enclosed space makes enough sense to the abducted for him to later describe, but the space will seem emphatically non-terrestrial. The human is seized immediately and irrefutably by the realization that he is among aliens in an extraterrestrial location.

While in the alien’s custody, the abducted is examined, often in the manner of a terrestrial doctor. The exams can be extremely invasive physiologically as well as psychologically. The aliens and the abducted will communicate verbally or telepathically, and the abducted is later able to recall at least the gist, if not the full, lucid extent of the conversation.

Abductions are remembered by the abducted as actual events. Some abductees have clear, conscious memories of their experience; others remember their time among the extraterrestrials only following hypnosis and other means by which psychologists access memories set deep in the psyche.

Whether one actually journeys to an alternate physical world, or takes an astral or psychological trip, the general parameters of the alien abduction experience remain consistent, and as real to the abducted as any terrestrial experience.

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